Welcome to our vibrant cohousing community, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and far-flung corners of the world have come together to form a unique tapestry of shared living. Some of us hail from Eugene, Oregon, while others have journeyed from across the country and even as far as Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our paths may differ, but our shared vision unites us in a remarkable way.

Within our community, you’ll encounter a range of professional backgrounds. Teachers, artists, writers, scientists, healthcare workers, software engineers — we represent an assortment of expertise and passion. Our differences extend beyond our professions, as our interests span a wide spectrum. From beekeeping to baking, hula dancing to woodworking, each one of us brings a distinctive flair as well as an eagerness to explore new horizons.

What brings us together is the deep-rooted desire to experience the special aspects of living in community. The joy of sharing meals, the spontaneity of impromptu hangouts, the satisfaction of building things together, and the fulfillment of learning new skills — these are the threads that weave the fabric of our daily lives. In embracing this ancient way of living, we discover a renewed sense of connection, authenticity, and fulfillment.

Our community is home to approximately 50 people, and we’re continuously growing. We cherish the energy and enthusiasm of our youngest members, with the latest addition born in 2023. You’ll often find them rolling down our grassy hill, joyfully riding their bikes around the campus, or climbing the fort crafted from trees felled on our own land. Their unbridled spirit is a testament to the vitality that permeates our community.

If you seek a place where the old ways of communal living are reimagined for the present, we invite you to join us. Discover the richness of shared experiences, the beauty of diverse perspectives, and the nurturing embrace of a community that thrives on unity and collaboration. Together, we’re weaving the stories of each individual into an extraordinary shared narrative. Welcome to our cohousing community – where hearts meet, minds flourish, and lives are transformed.

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