We Value

The unique natural features of the land and its place in the area’s ecology and commit to planning, building and living with attention to ecological sustainability.

Community activities and privacy in balanced measure and commit to deepening our relationships through sharing work and play while allowing autonomy and respecting the sanctity of one’s home.

Connection to the surrounding neighborhood as well as to other local intentional groups and commit to collaboration to enhance public spaces, including stewardship of the public greenway and waterfront.

The unique cultures, histories and perspectives of our members, and we celebrate these while recognizing our common humanity and goals.

The full life cycle and the varied and unique contributions of children, elders, parents and non-parents to community life. We commit to supporting and encouraging the spiritual and personal goals of community members, their initiative and creativity.

Opportunities for personal growth and commit to mutual respect, kindness, and in-person communication. We accept conflict as one aspect of living in community, and we recognize that growth occurs through the compassionate resolution of disagreements.

Group wisdom and seek to understand each other’s views and to temper our own with humor and humility, trusting the ultimate wisdom of the group. We commit to making decisions and working through conflicts in constructive ways, asking for what we need, leading by example, and devoting the time necessary to make our community work well.

Diversity of all kinds, including ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion.

Beauty and order and commit to planning, building and maintaining our neighborhood to promote a sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. By pooling our labor and sharing responsibility for site management, we cooperate for mutual benefit and strengthen our bonds.

Creativity and collaboration by sharing resources, personal talents and abilities to enrich our community life. We commit to cultivating a generous spirit and to treating common and borrowed resources with care and respect.

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