The Common House

Take a tour of our common house design, it’s the result of a 3-day workshop and many wonderful ideas. This is the heart of the community. A vibrant common house really matters so we put a lot of energy into designing something that really works. (Plans are representations, exact details may vary slightly per constriction documents and methods.)

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The First Floor Plan
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The Second Floor Plan

Some History

Some years ago we created the “Common house program,” a document to guide the design of the common house. It is a 20 page document describing all aspects of the common house. Here is the introduction to the common house program:

This document is the River Song Cohousing Group’s program and design criteria for the schematic design of their Common House. It summarizes the desired activities, priorities and design criteria agreed to by the resident group during a programming workshop facilitated by Chuck Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects in October 2012. Program write-up by Jocelynn Cambier, McCamant & Durrett Architects.
This program serves a variety of uses:• As the project evolves, this program acts as a summary of the interests and design priorities of the Group.
• As new members join the resident Group, it should be used to familiarize incoming, new residents with the desired outcome for the Common House design.
• This document represents the combined efforts of the future residents and is a deliberate process culminating in a program design criteria for the Common House that reflects the Group as a whole.
• Finally, it shows where there are overlapping interests, common concerns, shared values, and community; where working together makes every individual’s life easier, more convenient, more practical, more economic, more interesting and more fun; and where individually and collectively it is obviously easier to live life lighter on the planet.

We are very proud of all of the hard work that went into this, if you would like to see it please contact us and we can share it with you.

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