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See what the River Song community has been doing recently …


Bren and Katherine visiting the site with Melissa the Project Manager. Faraway River Song Members are so grateful to Bren, she visits the site at least once a week taking pictures to keep us updated and brings cookies to keep the workers happy.

Autumns Transformational Land Blessing

Lynn Speaking

From Argentine to Eugene!

RSC Members Emily, Gabriel, Mila, Elisa with more family travel from Argentina to visit the River Song site!

A Mothers Day Weekend…a blessing and so much more!

Preparing the River Song Cohousing Site for the land blessing.

Our RSC members and more arrive in Eugene

River Song Parade

“Show and Tell” What flooring will you pick?

“Soups On” or in this case Burritos

The Men of
River Song

5th Street Meet Up: Explorers Celeste & Calin, Kristina & Rich and the cutest little 1 year old Ellie.

Explorers Emily, Brian, Nic, and Sophie Moraga visited Eugene and hang out with member Elizabeth Grant on the RSC land (in early April, 2021)

River Song Explorers, currently in Argentina, prepare for Easter with friends.

RSC Members; Jeff, currently in Napa, and Nancy & Joe, currently in San Francisco, gather for a social distance walk in the San Francisco Bay headlands in March.

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