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Our Members

Betty: a retired pediatric physical therapist and avid traveler who loves Eugene for all it offers to “fill her cup” – hiking, biking, gardening, the arts, and close proximity to her grown son in Bend.

Will: an architect, and a builder whenever possible, who looks forward to playing music with company in the common house and believes that cohousing makes sense as a practical way to house ourselves and to build community.

Lynn: a 2nd grade teacher who loves cooking, crafting, and company; and who believes that skills learned from living in community are some of the most important skills in life. She can’t wait to share meals and games with others in the common house.

Brenda: retired from active clergy in the United Methodist Church, Brenda has enjoyed more traveling, kayaking, gardening, photography, watercolor sketching. Upon retirement, she set the intention: “I will practice gratitude, creativity, and cultivate kindness toward the earth, others and myself…if I can live in this way, I will be blessed.” Brenda looks forward to this practice, as well as deepening friendships and sharing meals, gardening and home maintenance with others as she learns to be present in gratitude with River Song Cohousing community members.

Katherine: retired from the natural foods community, and co-ownership of an organic, vegetarian restaurant and catering business, Katherine is happy to have contributed to awareness of the environmental impact of one’s food choices; an important value of Eugene today, and a key to the future. “My most abiding life-force is community. I have been privileged to be a part of, or to create, community wherever I am,” she says, having enjoyed this privilege locally, in Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel. She’s excited to be co-creating community again – the sharing, caring, and daring to do it differently.

Frannie & Phoebe: Frannie is a hospice nurse and mom to Phoebe, whose passion is ballet. They enjoy music, gardening, dancing, and singing, and they love Eugene for its outdoor activities and many bicycling trails. Frannie looks forward to living, working, cooking, and playing with others in River Song Cohousing. She is excited about the combination of private and shared living experiences, balanced beautifully in a cohousing community.


We love getting to know our friends who are exploring membership in River Song Cohousing!

Family, Friends & Fun!

Fun with friends and family – playing, traveling, cooking, having a picnic, and enjoying a winery in the countryside.
Friends and family- being together, traveling and enjoying festivals near and far.
Fun with friends and family – skiing, fishing, and learning together.