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River Road/El Camino del Río Elementary is a state-recognized school for excellent programs in reading, math and fullday kindergarten. It is a K–5 school of about 360 students with some of the smallest average class sizes in Eugene. The school is a Spanish dual immersion program. Half of the students’ day is taught in Spanish and the other half is in English.

Kelly Middle School is committed to fostering lifelong learners who are prepared academically and socially for the transition to high school following the completion of three years of study. They offer dual immersion language programs in Spanish and Japanese. Rigorous academic explorations tempered with socially responsible instructional practices will help students become contributors in our democratic society. Teachers and administrators strive to educate the whole student by extending instruction from the core subject areas into PE (required), music, technology and second-language learning environments.

North Eugene High School community empowers students to be thoughtful and compassionate individuals who will live and work in a complex and diverse global society. They foster academic, social and emotional success to support students for life beyond high school. At NEHS students prepare for post-secondary options and acquire the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a rapidly changing world. NEHS offers two IB programs, dual credit opportunities for college credits, career/technical courses, dual immersion programs in Japanese and Spanish, and more.

The Eugene school district also has a number of alternative and charter schools. The alternative schools develop programs that build on a particular theme or approach to education. Alternative schools in the district include language immersion programs in French, Spanish and Japanese; an arts and technology K–8 school; and other approaches to K–12 education. Alternative schools have no attendance boundaries — families from all neighborhoods may request to have their child attend the school, and openings are filled in the order determined by the school choice lottery. Families must provide their own transportation.

There are three charter schools in this district. Charter schools are public schools that receive public funds under a written agreement — a charter — that outlines student performance goals and educational services the public charter school will provide. Charter schools are independent legal entities governed by their own board of directors, and are excluded from many state statutes and rules (for example, only half of a charter school’s teachers must be licensed by the state). They must provide an equitable enrollment opportunity for any interested students. They have their own admissions procedures.

Many of us have experience with the local schools and would love to talk with you more about the available options if you are interested.

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