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Cohousing: The Future of Community and Human Connection | Trish Becker-Hafnor | TEDxCherryCreekWomen YouTube 

Cohousing Could Help Solve Some of the World’s Most Pressing Problems Think Big; Though it looks promising, there are some issues to work out before it becomes widespread. 

Communing With Neighbors Washington Post

Does Co-Housing Provide a Path to Happiness for Modern Parents? This is the NY TImes article recently published which I shared in the chat during our meeting

The effects of cohousing model on people’s health and wellbeing: a scoping review  – This is an academic  evidence based article published in Public Health Review which looks at the research about positive impact of cohousing. It’s not very determinative, but I think it’s a good step in the right direction to measure how cohousing affects its residents as well as surrounding neighborhoods. (edited) 

Post 2016

“Group seeks friendly neighbors for Fair Oaks [Calif.] cohousing community” was an article published in The Sacramento Bee, April 30, 2016. Here’s an excerpt: “In a way, cohousing creates the kind of neighborhood bonds that were present in eras gone by, said Katie McCamant, a national cohousing consultant, author and resident of the 34-unit Nevada City cohousing community.”

“Growing Up in Cohousing: Preparing Me For the Real World. MDA’s interview with Joy Castro-Wehr” was published on The Cohousing Company, McCamant & Durrett Architects website.  Are you curious about what it’s like to grow up in cohousing?  Joy Castro-Wehr, age 18, was recently interviewed by Lindy Sexton and provides a young person’s perspective on this topic.  Here’s an excerpt:  “When we moved into cohousing, I initially missed my big backyard, but soon realized that I used the cohousing acreage behind the houses much more than my old backyard because I had friends to share it with.”

“Land Use Regulations, Urban Planners, and Intentional Communities” was an article in the Fall issue of Communities magazine. Here’s an excerpt: “Below, I [Robert Boyer] discuss some of the most important tools that planners and municipal governments use to both restrict and enable development, and the obstacles that these tools might pose to aspiring or existing intentional communities. Then, drawing from research I’ve conducted in the cohousing movement, I discuss strategies that aspiring community founders can take to navigate this maze and strategies that intentional community advocates can take to ease the passage of community formation in the future.”

“Developer of Eugene’s Oakleigh Meadow condominium plan says he’ll move forward despite legal threats from opponents,” by Elon Glucklich, headlined an article in the Eugene Register-Guard Nov. 20, 2015. Here’s an excerpt: “The lead developer of a controversial River Road-area condominium plan hopes to start building in the spring, emboldened by a recent Eugene Planning Commission ruling giving him the green light.”

“Stillwater cohousing community allows older residents control, support in their lives,” by Adam Kemp, was on NewsOK Sept. 29, 2015. Here are excerpts: “In October 2012, the first dozen residents of the Oakcreek cohousing community, the first of its kind in Oklahoma, moved into their new homes on an acre of land in Stillwater with more than 100 trees. Twenty-four houses were built, all painted in bright colors of pink, blue and green, with a wraparound porch on each. … People in the original group that helped start the community had to place their money where their mouths were to get everything built.”

“Future Residents Help Shape Plans for Village Hill Cohousing,” by Kathleen Mitchell, was published in blog post Sept. 22, 2015, on, The Business Journal of Western Massachusetts. Here’s an excerpt: “Cohousing isn’t for everyone — for example, people who just want to be left alone should probably take a pass. But for individuals and families who crave a balance between privacy and community, it can be a highly attractive proposition.”

Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing is included in the article “Eugene infill developments on the rise,” by Elon Glucklich, published in the Eugene Register-Guard on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015. Here’s an excerpt: “Eugene city leaders have been trying since 2010 to hammer out a growth plan for the city for the future. … Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a planned 28-unit development on a 2.3-acre parcel off of River Road, has been in legal limbo for years. The project’s backers have said they view Oakleigh Meadow as a sort of new housing model for Eugene, building community through close proximity.”

“Senior cohousing residents build community, deal with issues of aging,” by Claire Martin, was in The Denver Post Sept. 5, 2015. An excerpt: “After a harrowing year that started with six weeks in the hospital, [Alan] O’Hashi, a documentary filmmaker, is eager to talk about the changes that Boulder’s Silver Sage Village senior cohousing community will need to make to accommodate its aging residents.” Our architect Chuck Durrett was featured and quoted in the article also. “A California architect who has designed senior and mixed-generation cohousing communities throughout the U.S., he literally wrote the book on the subject” was an excerpt.

“N Street Cohousing: Walls Come Down, Friendships Grow,” by K.C. Compton, headlined article in the October/November 2015 issue of Mother Earth News. The subhead: “Thirty years ago, neighbors in Davis, California, tore down fences between their houses to create a cohousing community that is a model for how effective — and fun — sustainability can be.” An excerpt from the article: “In 1999, the Davis City Council recognized N Street as a planned development, which allowed second units on existing lots and a covenant that bans backyard fences. The core of the block is now open and green with fruit trees, a chicken coop and space for various forms of hanging out.”

“Putting the “Co” in Communities” was on WVTF Public Radio August 28, 2015, by Robbie Harris. Here’s an excerpt: “They’re often called, ‘the new old fashioned neighborhoods of the future’ planned communities, where the focus is on collaboration, cooperation and sustainability.”

“Housing project on hold as city hears more evidence on road width” was a news story about Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing featured on KVAL, a CBS affiliate in Eugene, August 27, 2015. A video and photos were also included. An excerpt: “A housing project near the Willamette River remains on hold as residents question whether the development fits the neighborhood. The Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing project calls for 28 housing units within eight buildings, with one common house in which residents can share meals and socialize.”

“For some in Dallas area, cohousing is becoming a neighborly thing to do” is an article by Marc Ramirez published July 7, 2015, in The Dallas Morning News. Here’s an excerpt: “Across the nation, voices like [Angela] Alston’s are drawing like-minded people for whom the idea of a downsized, simpler, community-oriented and green-friendly lifestyle appeals.”

“Inside Portland’s Oldest Cohousing Community” is an article by Randy Gragg published June 22, 2015, in Portland Monthly. Here’s an excerpt: “As the residents of Sunlight Holding Co gather for dinner, the vibe is as balanced as day and night on the vernal equinox. … Cohousing’s growing appeal trades on concerns and aspirations that are part ’60s counterculture, part ’00s ‘sharing economy,’ and bound into the American DNA all the way back to Plymouth Rock.”

“Net-zero energy home a showcase of architecture for the times” was an article by Yvonne Pesquera in the June 17, 2015, issue of The Taos News. Here’s an excerpt: “The Ulibarris had learned about passive houses by attending a Green Build New Mexico tour in Santa Fe. … The Ulibarris purchased a .16 acre lot in Valverde Commons, a cohousing community for adults.” As a side note, a former member of Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing joined Valverde Commons several months ago, and her new cohousing home is right now being built. Congratulations!

“Oakleigh Cohousing Sent Back For Public Input” was an article by Ted Taylor in the May 28, 2015, issue of Eugene Weekly. Here’s an excerpt: “The controversial Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing (OMC) planned unit development off River Road next to the Willamette River will go back for additional public comment following a decision May 15 by the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).”

“[Alice] Green’s Berkeley [California] cohousing community, which is like a hippier version of a condo complex, has signed up for MeterHero,” is an except from KQED News’ “Oakland Startup Tries to Change the Value of Water.” An audio version of the May 27, 2015, article by Sam Harnett is also available.

“Sharing time with the Ashland Cohousing Community” was an article by Ann Magill in the May 20, 2015, Ashland Daily Tidings. Here’s an excerpt: “Since coming to Ashland in 2000, I’ve been a renter. … Thinking of housing and basic needs prompted me to check out Ashland’s Cohousing Community off Fordyce Street.”

“Cohousing: when seniors build their own community [Senior Circles]” was an article by Pat Farmer in The Baltimore Sun May 13, 2015. Here’s an excerpt: “With my 50th college reunion coming up in October, I am actively helping the planning committee with a reunion questionnaire and ultimately a commemorative booklet. One of our classmates had a very interesting response to the question about looking toward the future.”

“After decade-long search for site, cohousing advocates set to build in Fair Oaks” was an article by Cathy Locke in The Sacramento Bee April 20, 2015. An excerpt: “Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be the second co-housing development in Sacramento County [California] and the first in the county’s suburban area. Southside Park Cohousing in downtown Sacramento features 25 homes.”

“Santa Cruz Stories: Cecile Andrews believes great communities are built one conversation at a time,” by Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel, California (April 19, 2015). An excerpt: ‘A Stanford-educated former college administrator and an author of several books, Cecile [Andrews] has devoted her life to the idea and practice of community.”

The Kathleen Dunn Show Feb. 11, 2015, on Wisconsin Public Radio was “Will boomers help cohousing go mainstream?”

“OUTLOOK: Living the village life at the Yarrow Ecovillage,” by Jennifer Feinberg, Chilliwack Progress, British Columbia.

“Coming to America,” by Rich Saltzberg, Martha’s Vineyard Times. In this story just made for Valentine’s Day, dancing at Island Cohousing’s Common House leads to love and marriage.

“Slide show set Feb. 15 on Arts Cohousing Nevada City [Calif.],” by Keri Brenner, The Union. Architect Chuck Durrett is interviewed, and will make the presentation on cohousing.

“Expanding Cohousing: The New, Old-Fashioned American Dream,” by Kelly O’Brien,

From The Atlantic CityLab: “Can Boomers Make Cohousing Mainstream?” by Chris Bentley (Jan. 20, 2015). Architects Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett are interviewed!

“Designer of Fair Oaks project will discuss cohousing movement,” by Ben van der Meer, Sacramento Business Journal. Charles Durrett will speak at the Feb. 7 event at the Fair Oaks Library. In the Jan. 15, 2015, article, Mary Claus of the Fair Oaks Ecohousing project is interviewed.

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