Are We A Match?

We value:

  • A balance of simplicity, economy and quality in developing and maintaining our neighborhood. 
    Our architectural firm, McCamant & Durrett Architects, has designed more than 50 cohousing communities since 1987. The units are simple, of high quality, and more economical because of green design. See CoHousing Solutions to learn more about its award-winning practice. Our community will have lowered living costs too by sharing resources (tools, guest rooms, laundry facilities), and common meals.River Song Cohousing (previously Oakleigh Meadow) has 28 units and a Common House. For more information, contact us or attend the monthly Sunday informational meeting, with an optional site visit. Contact River Song Cohousing or 541/343-1038. Please leave a message, and we’ll return your call.
  • The full life cycle and the varied and unique contributions of children, elders, parents and non-parents to community life.Community living offers shared childcare arrangements, friendship, peer support, help with chores and neighborly transportation.
  • The unique natural features of the land and its place in the area’s ecology.

Eugene’s climate and landscape make it a great place to live. Known as “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors” we are also referred to as the Emerald City. With Mediterranean characteristics, our weather includes glorious summers of warm temperatures, mostly sunny skies and low humidity. Most of our rain falls in winter and there is little snow.Weather.

To enjoy the outdoors, try the following links: ObsidiansEugene GearsEugene Cascades to Coast and Fishing in America.

Concerned about the effects of climate change? “The answer is the Pacific Northwest, and probably especially west of the Cascades,” said Ben Strauss, vice president for climate impacts and director of the program on sea level rise at Climate Central, a research collaboration of scientists and journalists. “Actually, the strip of coastal land running from Canada down to the Bay Area is probably the best,” he added. Read Community activities and privacy in balanced measure, and a commitment to deepening our relationships through sharing work and play, while allowing autonomy and respecting the privacy of one’s home.

  • The unique cultures, histories and perspectives of our members, and we celebrate these while recognizing our common humanity and goals.Each of us has a unique contribution to make in our world in work, family life, and in our community. Here in Eugene, there are many opportunities to contribute. If you are looking for work, Indeed, Planet Eugene have listings. Maybe you will step up to help design the nearby River Road Elementary School. Perhaps it is time to go to school yourself at the University of Oregon or Lane Community College. Or if you wish to participate through our civic world, try speakers and events at the City Club of Eugene.
  • Connection to the surrounding neighborhood as well as to other local intentional groups and our commitment to collaboration to enhance public spaces, including stewardship of the public greenway and waterfront.Did you know that our site is located on the West Bank Path along the Willamette River, part of the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System, which is a 22mile loop extending along both sides of the Willamette River and downtown Eugene? Download a map at River Bank Trail Map. Our site is just north of Stults Lane on the map!Eugene is a progressive and politically active community. It is easy to find your niche as a member of many of the many organizations working for the betterment of the city’s residents and the health of its surroundings.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and commitment to mutual respect, kindness, and in-person communication.Eugene and Springfield offer a home to people of many different spiritual orientations including many places to worship. In addition, the following non-denominational organizations support this Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing goal: Center for the New American DreamOregon Network For Compassionate Communication, and the Non-Violent Communication Meet-Up Group.
  • Beauty and order and commitment to planning, building and maintaining our neighborhood to promote a sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.Beauty and order provide us with a harmonious life. Are you knowledgeable about building systems, or art, or sculpture? Are you a musician, a painter, puppeteer, a juggler?Our landscape committee is looking for new, knowledgeable and enthusiastic members to plan and build our green infrastructure! There are so many places to learn more too, such as the Lane County Extension Service at, permaculture programs at the Lost Valley Education and Event Center at, and our fellow River Road residents who have been transforming the area, perhaps you a gardener? Visit Locally Grown at to see the huge range of healthy local food available.
  • Group wisdom and seek to understand each other’s views and to temper our own with humor and humility, trusting the ultimate wisdom of the group.Trusting the ultimate wisdom of the group is very hard, but it is what we strive for in our small community.